Soar to 6-Figures as an ImageOnline Business Manager

Ready for the roadmap to turning your Jill-of-all-trades work-style into a flexible, high-paying career?

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In this on-demand workshop, you’ll learn:

WHAT & WHO makes a good OBM

WHO hires OBMs & HOW to find them

HOW others have taken the leap & WHAT they’d do differently

This training is for you if you want…

  • To use your systems-brain & love for tech

  • The flexibility to work when and where you want

  • To make BIG impact on your clients’ businesses

  • The opportunity to make a 6-figure income

Can I watch right now?

Absolutely! 100s of women, in just TWO WEEKS, have pivoted into ⏰Flexible, ❤️Purpose-driven, 💰Lucrative careers as Online Business Managers (OBM) for online CEOs.And the good news is, you can, too! Our OBM Opportunity Highlight Reel is designed to bring you to hot-hitting content. Jam-packed into less than 2 hrs!

About Prowess Project

Ashley and Leah have been paired as visionary and integrator for years. Together, they saw the need for Online Business Managers in the market and have validated this need with 1000s of online CEOs. Now these CEOs are knockin' down our door to hire our OBMs. If there is a team to help you step into an OBM role, it's Ashley & Leah.